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how much does it cost to replace a bathtub

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bathtub

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how much it would cost to replace your bathtub. We get asked a lot of questions, and a few factors can affect the answer. Here’s what you need to know about replacing a bathtub.

Cost to Replace a Bathtub

Replacing a bathtub can be costly, and the cost will vary depending on the type of tub you choose. Most tubs cost between $500 and $1,800, but some top-end models may come with a price tag of up to $3,000 or more. If you hire someone for the installation, you should also factor in the labour costs, which typically range from $200 to $500. Additionally, there may be additional costs for the materials necessary for completing the installation, such as a new drain assembly, caulking and tile work, among other things. If these materials are required, the overall cost can easily increase by several hundred dollars. All in all, replacing a bathtub is not cheap, so it is important to carefully weigh your options before committing to any decision.

Why You Should Replace Your Bathtub

Replacing your bathtub can be a great investment for any home. Not only does a new bathtub improve the look of your space, but it can also increase your home’s value and help you save in the long term. A new bathtub installation typically costs between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the size and materials used. It is usually far less than removing an old bathtub and replacing it with an entirely new plumbing setup. You’ll also benefit from improved water pressure, lower water bills, and upgraded features such as built-in shower heads or hydrotherapy jets. So, replacing your bathtub will make a difference if you want to add style to your bathroom or create a more modern and efficient space.

When to Replace Your Bathtub

Replacing a bathtub can be tricky, as it can be expensive and time-consuming. If you need to decide if you should take the plunge, consider any visible cracks or other forms of damage. However, even beyond the visible indications, if your bathtub is at least 15 years old, it may make sense to replace it. Repeated use can wear out the materials and seals, leading to future issues such as structural problems or water damage. Additionally, if you’re ready for a change in style or want to upgrade to a bathtub with more features, such as jets or heaters, now is the time! Ultimately, each situation is unique, so you’ll need to weigh all your options before making a definitive decision.

How to Replace Your Bathtub

Replacing a bathtub can seem like an intimidating home improvement project, but it’s quite straightforward with the right preparation and tools! To start:

  1. Remove the caulk seal and surrounding tiles around the tub.
  2. Disconnect any fixtures connected to the tub before lifting it from its installation site.
  3. Have one or more friends help you move the old bathtub out of the bathroom and a new one.
  4. Once in place, use shims to properly level your tub before securing it into place with adhesive.
  5. Add a couple of beads of caulk along the edges where it meets the tiles for waterproofing and let dry for the recommended amount of time.

With these steps in mind, replacing your bathtub can be quick and simple.


Overall, it is important to understand the cost of replacing a bathtub and why you should consider it. If your bathtub is older, stained, and has lost its appeal, then replacing it may be your best option. You can choose from various materials and designs depending on your budget and hardware style preference. If you decide to replace your bathtub but need help with how to go about it, we recommend you seek the help of a professional installer who will ensure that the job gets done right. Contact us today to improve the look of your bathroom and ensure that it holds up for years to come.

We look forward to working with you.